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Personalised Embossing Seal

By: admin
28 Jan, 2019


While the law requires every company to have a common seal, other forms of businesses, such as sole traders, are increasingly trending towards using an in-house embossing seal. A common seal confirms that the company officers have adequately executed and approved the document. Let us now explain what a personalised embossing seal is used for and whether you need one for your business.

What is a Common Seals and Customised Embossing Seals?

The common seal is a legal requirement for all companies in Ireland. It functions as the company’s signature in the form of an embossed impression on the paper. In addition, it must have the company’s name and type engraved.

In contrast, a custom embossing seal is not a mandatory legal requirement. Still, it is used by businesses, including companies, sole traders and individuals, to add a professional mark of their business’s brand image to the important documentary correspondence with their clients, suppliers or customers. In addition, it serves to personalise the documents.

What are the Common Uses of an Embossing Seal?

Some of the ordinary purposes for which a company seal or personalised embossing seal is used include the following:

  • Authorising invoices,
  • Validating share certificates,
  • Finalising official contracts,
  • Approving financial transactions,
  • Signing deeds or agreeing to a sale or purchase,
  • Affirm commitments and arrangements.

Why are Businesses Using Personalised Embossing Seals?

Personalised embossing seals are gaining increasing popularity within businesses owing to several reasons, including:

  • Adding Professionalism and Prestige – The usage of embossed stamps dates back to old times. Still, it continues to add the exact impact of authenticity and professionalism to official documents in recent times.
  • Cost-effective and Convenient Branding Tool – Personalised embossing seals are great for adding branding to essential documents. An upfront cost spent once on the seal can give you years of utilisation, imprinting your brand’s image onto the documents quickly and conveniently.
  • Creating Crisp Clear Image Use After Use – Unlike rubber stamps, the embossing seal gives a crisp image of your company’s logo and other information every time. It also saves the cost and hassle of using ink pads.
  • Enhancing the Protection of Important Documentation – While the embossment conveys the legal validity of the document to its recipient, it also adds a layer of protection to your documents since a completely personalised embossing seal is difficult to copy.

How Can We Help?

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