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Frequently asked questions

What is a Company Seal?

A Company seal is a device used to emboss the company’s name and other important information, such as the company’s registration number and its legal type, onto the documents that the company executes. It may also be referred to as the common seal or corporate seal.

Who is required by law to have a Company Seal?

Every company registered in Ireland is required to have a Company Seal by the requirements of the Companies Act 2014.

Who is authorised to use the Company Seal?

Since the Company Seal acts as its signature, it should be used carefully. Therefore, only authorised company officials, such as directors, company secretaries or other persons authorised on that behalf, can affix Company Seal to the documents.

Is a Sole trader legally required to have a Company Seal?

The law does not require a Sole Trader to have a Company Seal. However, in recent years, more and more self-employed people are looking to authenticate their documents using a company seal. These are particularly relevant for documents such as contracts and agreements/deeds.

Where can I get a Company Seal from?

The Companies Registration Office (CRO) does not provide the Company Seal to the companies registering with it in Ireland. Instead, you can get the seal manufactured by legal stationers, like Premier Seals, who are well aware of legal requirements and can bring your company’s signature tool to life in the most professional way.

Can the Company Seal be used abroad?

Yes, a company may use the seal abroad and execute deeds in the same manner that it does within Ireland. Unlike the common seal, the official seal for use abroad may be used by a single person (agent), who has been authorised by the company in writing under its common seal. When an agent executes a deed on behalf of the company using the official seal, he or she must also certify by writing on the deed the date and place the seal was affixed.

Who has custody of the Company Seal?

The law does not prescribe any particular location for storing the Company Seal. However, it is always best to keep it in the safe custody of the company officials authorised to use it.

Why use Premier Seals for your Company Seal and stamp needs?

We combine quality with cost-effectiveness. Our customers rely on us for the best, excellent quality products and customer services. So contact us for any questions and requirements, and we will get it sorted out for you.

How long does it take to get the Company Seal?

We have next-day delivery options available for most of our orders. However, for orders received before 1:00 pm on weekdays (Monday-Friday), we aim to despatch the orders the same day.