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Difference between stamp and seal

By: admin
28 Jan, 2019


When it comes to personalising the official documents of a company, several tools can be used. Some of these are required by the law, and others by the officers and staff as evidence that the documents have been approved and are officially executed. Here we explain the company seal and stamp and how each is used.

What is Meant by A Company Seal?

A Company Seal is an embossing tool containing two metal plates engraving the company’s name in legible letters. The seal leaves an embossed impression of the company’s name and other particulars on the paper. The company seal must include the company’s registered name and its legal status. Other features like the company logo can also be included to personalise the company documents on which the seal is affixed.

Who is Required to have a Company Seal, and When is it Used?

All companies in Ireland must have a company seal, also known as a common seal. A company seal authenticates critical official documents, and the typical uses include affixing on the share transfers documents, contract law documents, property documents and meeting minutes.

Who is Entitled to Use a Company Seal?

Under the Companies Act 2014, a company seal can only be used with the approval of the authority of the company’s directors. Accordingly, whenever a document is affixed with the company seal, it must be duly signed by a director or a person authorised for that purpose and the Company Secretary or another authorised person.

What is Meant by A Company Stamp?

A company stamp is a self-inking tool marking company details onto a document. However, unlike a company seal, a company stamp is not legally required. Therefore, it can contain company information depending on the purpose of its use. Commonly, the particulars like company name, address, date, or identification numbers are included in the company stamp.

When is a Company Stamp Used?

A company stamp is commonly used for convenience where a repetitive nature of information is to be put onto multiple documents. Therefore, it helps to save time and effort to write the same information repeatedly. It is mainly used on documents like invoices or correspondence letters sent to clients and documents for internal official communication.

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