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Does my company need a company seal

By: admin
28 Jan, 2019


When setting up a company in Ireland, an important question is whether your company needs a company seal. The answer to this is ‘Yes’. Under Section 43 of the Companies Act 2014, all companies registered in Ireland must have a company seal, also referred to as the ‘common seal’ of the company.

Who is Authorised to Use a Company Seal?

Section 43 also details the specifics regarding the usage of the company seal. For example, a company seal can only be used with the approval of the company’s directors or a committee authorised by the directors.

Furthermore, where any document of your company is affixed with the company seal, it is required to be signed by:

  • A director of the company or a person authorised on that behalf by the directors or their committee.
  • Another director, the company secretary or a person authorised by the directors for that purpose.

Which Documents Are Affixed with a Company Seal?

A company seal validates the authenticity of an official document. It signifies the approval of the directors and responsible officers of the company. Examples of documents that are generally affixed with a company seal include:

  • Share certificates.
  • Legally binding contracts.
  • Documents concerning loans/borrowings.
  • Minutes of Board Meetings
  • Lease documents.

Where Should a Company Seal be Stored?

There is no specific rule relevant to storing the company seal. However, since it is a crucial signature tool for the company and any document it is affixed upon shows commitment to an ownership or legal obligation of the company, it must be kept in safe custody by the company secretary, directors, or a person authorised on that behalf.

Does the Same Company Seal Suffice for Domestic and International Use?

A single company seal can be used both in Ireland and overseas. However, a company may authorise an additional seal for use internationally. The seal must have the same company name and mention the location where it is being used. Any such seal is operated on behalf of the company by an agent authorised in writing under the common seal.
It is also of primary importance that care is taken for the safe keeping of any such company seal, just as the company seal in Ireland. Where an agent executes any document using the official seal on behalf of the company, they should certify in writing the place and date of using such a seal.

Can I Get a Company Seal from the Companies Registration Office (CRO)?

The CRO does not provide the companies with the company seal; these are bought from legal stationers like us.

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