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Embossing seal with logo

By: admin
28 Jan, 2019


While company seals are a great way to authenticate the company’s important documentation, a customised seal goes a step ahead in personalising the company seal. This is because in contrast to a general company seal, a customised logo embossing seal includes the company’s logo and other relevant information such as the name of the company, its address, contact number, email or website address. It is a mandatory requirement for a company to have a company seal.

What is a Company Seal and How is it Used?

The provisions of the Companies Act 2014 require that every company registered in Ireland must have a company seal. The official company seal needs to have the company’s name engraved on it along with the company type.

It is an embossing tool to affix company’s name on legal documents such as contracts and agreements and signifies the fact that the documents have been approved by the board of directors of the company. In addition to affixing the seal, the documents should be duly signed by a director and the company secretary, another director or a company officer authorised for this purpose.

The company seal is mostly kept at the company’s registered office and in the custody of the directors or company secretary.

Advantages of Using A Customised Logo Embossing Seal

  • Creating a Long-term Brand Image – The company’s embossing seal with logo promotes the brand image of your business. Logo being a graphical presentation of the company’s image helps the clients and third parties to better remember the company they are dealing with.
  • Enhancing Your Company’s Credibility – Since the company seal acts like a signature for the company, it improves the authenticity and sophistication of the document on which it is affixed. This helps to ensure that the documents have been carefully considered and executed by company’s responsible officers.
  • Reducing the Risk of Fraud – Using an embossing seal with logo will help make the corporate documents stand out. An unauthorised person trying to use false documents is not likely to have access to the seal, it therefore helps to reduce the risk of fraudulent documents being executed.
  • Completing Documentation Efficiently – The fact that embossing seal can, in some case, be used in place of physical signatures facilitates quick documentation procedure, avoiding the need to have piles of documents waiting to be signed by the directors. It also removes the need to use branded company stickers, thereby reducing cost and paper wastage.

Other Uses of Embossing Seal with Logo

Personalised embossing seals are being increasingly used these days for various purposes such as on business stationery, certificates, napkins or information leaflets in hotels, menus in restaurants and by artists and photographers on their artwork.

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