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All About Company Seal

By: admin
28 Jan, 2019


A company seal is an essential regulatory requirement that every company registered in Ireland should meet. It is also known as the common seal or the corporate seal. The Companies Act 2014 explains the provisions for the use and requirement of a company sea. It evidences that a particular document has been validated and approved by the directors and responsible officers of the company. In contrast to a document the company officials have only signed, a paper affixed with a company seal acts as a second layer of authentication. In addition, it signifies a more substantial commitment to an action by the company. This blog highlights the main features of the form and usability of a Company Seal.

Some Basics

A company seal is composed of two metal plates engraved with the name of the company and its legal type. Suffixes like PLC. and LTD. can also be used. The seal works by embossing the contents when it is pressed onto a paper or card.
The older versions of the company seal used to be bulky in size. Today’s company seals are lightweight, user-friendly, quick to use, and leave a clear indentation of the document’s contents after paper.

Our Range of Company Seals

We offer a range of company seals to customise and tailor based on your usage requirements.

Pocket and Desk Versatile

Our lightweight and ergonomically designed range of company seals is easy to carry and convenient to use, requiring minimal effort to create clear and detailed impressions every time. This company seal embosses the paper up to 120gsm.

Plier Seals

Our Plier seals are customisable and can be personalised to include contents you wish to add to your company signature, such as the company’s logo. We can also provide proof of your customised seal before manufacture so that you can be sure what the final product will be like.

Why Use Company Seals from Premier Seals?

While keeping in mind the adherence to the legal requirements, we pay special attention to the quality, durability, and ergonomic design of the company seals we manufacture. The seal comes with soft rubber padding on the handle and base. This gives it a premium look, improves stability, and enhances the user’s comfort. In addition, our seals come with a protective case that provides convenience and protection during transportation.

How to Order Your Company Seal?

Buying Company Seals is easy and quick. Just head over to the type of seal you require and add it to the cart and proceed to checkout making payment through the secure stripe feature. We offer free delivery on orders above €50 and same-day despatch for products ordered before 1:00 pm.

Any Queries? We understand that choosing from the several options could be challenging. Contact our support agent at +01 4441198 to learn more about your company’s personalised signature tool.